Her life was full of glamour, kindness and activism, which made her a beloved figure to the world.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was killed in a car accident in 1997. Memorial tributes have been paid many years later.

Talisman Coins offers a pair of commemorative coins for “The People’s Princess”, who will have turned 60 in 2021.

Tokelau’s island nation issued a $5 Proof 1-ounce.9999 silver and $100 Proof 1-ounce gold coins.

After a brief courtship, Lady Diana Spencer was born. She rose to prominence when she got engaged to Charles, the eldest son, in 1981. Later that year, they were married in St. Paul’s Cathedral. They had two sons, William (the second) and Harry (the third), who are the heirs to this throne. Charles and Diana split in 1996.

According to the distributor, the coins are a “sensational, truly rare tribute” to the brave woman who broke the mould of stolid and staid royalty and redefined what it means to be princess in today’s modern world.

Details of design

The design of both coins is the same, but there are differences that reflect the metal versions.

On the reverse, you will see a full-color portrait showing Princess Diana with three quarters of her left facing in color. She is wearing her famous diamond crown. A large bouquet of roses is displayed to her left, each rose bud and blossom highlighted in gold on the silver coins. The theme is denoted by the legends DIANA AND PRINCESS of WALES.

The reverse depicts Queen Elizabeth II in a crowned profile, facing right. Jody Clark, an artist and engraver, created this portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, wearing a pearl earrings and a tiara.

The legend ELIZABETH II and the date of issue as well as the denomination are also shown. The purity and weight are guaranteed by the legends 1 OZ999 AG (silver), or 1 OZ999 GOLD

Each coin is 31.135g in weight and 40mm in diameter. The edge of the coin is serrated and milled.

The mintage is limited to 1,500 silver $5 coins and 150 gold $100 pieces.

The silver coin was sold out, and it is now on the aftermarket with fluctuating prices.

The gold coin is available for purchase at $3,299.95