Three unarmed prisoners, three shots. The three men collapse. A video, broadcast on March 27, 2022 and which Le Monde was able to authenticate and cross-check with other images, documents a probable abuse committed by Ukrainian volunteers against Russian prisoners of war.

Such acts are strictly prohibited by the Geneva Convention, which lays down the rules to be respected towards enemy soldiers taken prisoner: protect them like your own soldiers, do not violate them, treat them if necessary.

The images spotted by independent analyst Erich Auerbach, and cross-referenced by Le Monde with other documents available online, prove that volunteers from the Ukrainian Slobozhanshchyna battalion were on the scene when the Russian prisoners were tortured. While it is not possible to say with certainty that the individual who fired the shot came directly from their ranks, the leader of the group, Andri Ianholenko, clearly appears alongside the three victims, before the shots were fired. Asked by Le Monde, Andri Ianholenko did not respond.