The 2 types will concurrently circulate till afterward.

More than 5 percent of those $100 bills outstanding weren’t presented for trade, even though the bank doesn’t imply that the whole amount still outstanding was”black cash ”

While the newspaper notes will cease to be legal tender for money payment in Trinidad and Tobago, the lender will continue to redeem them forever for their entire face value.

The notes are, for the most part, very similar to the previous ones. The face of every gets exactly the Trinidad and Tobago coat of arms at the middle, together with the national flag over a numerical designation of this denomination in the right along with a native bird in the abandoned — a scarlet ibis is about the $1 note, the blue-crowned mot mot about the 5 note, the cocrico about the $10 note, a hummingbird about the $20 note, the red-capped cardinal about the $50 note, along with the bird of heaven around the $100 note. Their colours are green, red, grey, purple, olive green, and blue. The olive oil replaces gold onto the new $50 note.

The springs all have the twin towers Independence Square at Port of Spain, but moved to the left by the middle. The 1 note replenishes the Pointe-a-Pierre petroleum refinery together with the Red House, the seat of Parliament. The $5 note comes with an opinion of folks buying a produce industry. A port spectacle is about the $10, while the $20 and $50 notice backs are altered with the inclusion of the very same birds which are on the surface of every.