For the next update to Twitter, Bitcoin tipping via Lightning Network could be possible.

Twitter is reportedly laying the groundwork to enable Bitcoin (BTC) tipping for content creators.

MacRumors claims that the latest Twitter iOS beta contains lines of code that could allow Bitcoin to be included in the “Tipjar.” As previously reported by Cointelegraph Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, had previously suggested that Bitcoin tipping is possible.

Twitter’s Tip Jar was introduced in May by users to recognize content creators.

If Bitcoin tipping is true, then BTC will be added to the Tip Jar alongside Cash App and PayPal.

Twitter will likely provide a short tutorial on Bitcoin and Lightning Network as part of the rollout. MacRumors quotes a portion of the text as saying that the Bitcoin tipping feature will use Lightning Network payment gateway Strike “to generate Bitcoin Lightning invoices.”

This tutorial could also contain information on concepts such as custodial or non-custodial Bitcoin wallets.

The latest development in the string of BTC-focused adoption developments by Twitter and Dorsey is a Bitcoin tipping feature. Earlier in August, the Twitter and Square chief announced plans to build a decentralized exchange for Bitcoin.

Dorsey previously described Bitcoin as the key to Twitter’s future, while also stating that the company intends to integrate BTC in services such as commerce and subscriptions.

Bitcoin tipping via Lightning Network on Twitter will confirm plans to integrate LN in the social media platform which first launched back in June. This move could bring crypto token tipping into mainstream, fulfilling one of many use cases for cryptocurrency advocated by proponents.

In July, Dorsey also revealed that Square was developing an “assisted custody” hardware wallet for Bitcoin.