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Here are five of our most-read posts from the last week, in reverse sequence.

  1. Monday Morning Short for Dec. 28, 2020: The battle continues: The problem of counterfeiting continues to be very real in the numismatic world and efforts remain strong to halt the activity.
  2. Congress approves design centennial 2021 silver bucks : The 1921 Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act has legislative approval for creation of modern Morgan and Peace silver dollars.
  3. Redesign bill back to House after Senate amendment: A Senate amendment requires House approval before a bill advocating coin redesigns can move to additional and final actions.
  4. Ohio artist makes’poor man’s V75′ American Eagle replica: Following the principles in great humor led to creation of a rough replica of this popular silver American Eagle with a V75 privy tag.
  5. Annual sets among first 2021 U.S. Mint products to go on sale: The U.S. Mint program of product releases opens with yearly sets, to be offered within the first week of this new year.