One of the most common questions crypto investors ask themselves whenever they think of investing in Bitcoin is “Where can I trade Bitcoin instantly?” Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are highly volatile, meaning the price can be up one day, and the next day it falls sharply. If you cannot find a platform that allows you to trade instantly, you could easily miss out on any gains resulting from the price rise.

Finding the best platform to buy Bitcoin is just vital as finding one that allows you to sell your Bitcoin. You need a reliable platform that will not only enable you to conduct your transactions quickly but with low fees and be safe as well. You need to be able to buy and sell your bitcoins safely without losing your money in between.

Buying and selling Bitcoin follows a similar procedure, except buying involves exchanging fiat currency for Bitcoin while selling is the opposite. There are various options you can consider when it comes to where to buy and sell bitcoin instantly, as we will see in this article.

Crypto exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges are currently the best option available for instantly buying or selling Bitcoin. They allow you to conduct online transactions at your convenience, although some have set up physical offices for over-the-counter transactions. There are many crypto exchanges, so you have to exercise great caution when choosing one.

One of the top exchanges you can use is NakitCoins. This exchange allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly for a small fee while you are assured of your funds being kept safe. For those customers who are not tech-savvy, they can always visit NakitCoins’s offices and conduct their transactions over the counter. NakitCoins is instant and deals with a wide range of digital currencies, which makes it even more attractive.

Bitcoin ATMs

This is another excellent option to buy and sell bitcoins instantly if you happen to live near where one of these ATMs is situated. Bitcoin ATMs are machines connected to the internet to allow users to access their wallets and the crypto exchange they would like to use. You do not have to worry about keying in the wrong wallet address when buying, as these ATMs can scan the QR code of your wallet.

Once you have accessed your wallet and the exchange network, you can then use cash to buy wallets or sell your bitcoins for cash. Sometimes you may be required to open an account before you can conduct any transaction, especially when selling. Bitcoin ATMs are safe but usually charge higher transaction fees. You can search the internet for the nearest bitcoin ATM location.

Buying or selling bitcoin instantly in person

If you are looking for where to buy and sell bitcoins instantly, why not do it yourself? This option is also possible as platforms help you find a seller with BTC for sale or connect you with a buyer who wants to buy your bitcoins. These platforms allow you to find a buyer or seller near you, but you can also opt to buy or sell bitcoin to a family member or friend.

You can buy and sell bitcoin instantly for cash in person, but it also requires understanding how crypto wallets work. Exercise great caution when meeting a stranger as it might turn out to be a scheme to defraud you. Make sure you meet at an open place you are comfortable with.