One of the youngest deputies of the mandate

The deputy of Val-de-Marne Louis Boyard (La France insoumise, LFI), born on August 26, 2000, narrowly missed the record for precocity in the National Assembly, blown by Tematai Le Gayic, elected (Democratic and Republican Left ) in French Polynesia, born in October of the same year. The two youngest were responsible, on June 28, for ensuring the smooth running of the vote for the presidency of the Assembly. Parade in front of them all the deputies.

An image of the ballot has looped on social networks: Louis Boyard refusing to shake hands with Philippe Ballard, spokesperson for the National Rally (RN). Before making known, in front of the microphones, the importance of “barrier gestures” against the far right. Outraged reactions to the RN. In fact, the young deputy shook hands with more than twenty elected Lepenists. The idea only came to him towards the end of the vote, he explained.

A committed high school student

Son of a railway worker and an English employee at Samsung, Louis Boyard was born in Vendée. He participated in the blocking of his high school, in Villeneuve-le-Roi (Val-de-Marne), after the revelation of the presence of asbestos in the premises. He then challenges the deputy Laurent Saint-Martin (LRM), whom he beat on June 19. In 2018, he took over the presidency of the Union nationale lycéenne, criticizing Parcoursup and the reform of the baccalaureate. He parades with the “yellow vests”, which earned him a foot injury in Act XII.

During the successive confinements, he multiplies the interventions on student precariousness. “I’m like a lot of people, school wasn’t something I liked,” he said on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste” (“TPMP”), the flagship show by Cyril Hanouna. Since I was pissing off in the classroom, I blocked high school to not go. In law at Panthéon-Assas, he dreamed for a time of becoming a criminal lawyer.

A columnist accustomed to clashes

After winning his napkin ring at the “Grandes Gueules”, on RMC, where he mocks the reaction columnists and asks the host Denis Brogniart to autograph his shisha for him, Louis Boyard joins, at the end of summer 2021, the “TPMP” team. On C8, he battles with the megalomaniac scammer Marco Mouly or the retired policeman Bruno Pomart. Willingly controversial, he confides on the set that he has already sold drugs: “I’m not going to go into details, but at one point I was in trouble, I was offered the lease, I did it. And to add that he had “no choice” to pay for his studies. A subject that he no longer wishes to address, believing that he “already said everything”.

A representative of the “Mélenchon generation”

In addition to Les Misérables, by Victor Hugo, his “favorite novel”, Louis Boyard cites among his references A brief history of equality, by the economist Thomas Piketty – a work which he sometimes renames, in a slip, “the history some inequalities “. Passionate about the French Revolution – he cites Saint-Just and Robespierre as “inspiring figures” – the deputy “plunged back into Jacobins!, Alexis Corbière’s very good book, to visit this National Assembly”. The young elected official recognizes himself in the “Mélenchon generation”: “Linking the issues of ecology, employment, the Sixth Republic, the relationship, too, to societal issues… Yes, he is an ideological mentor”, explained -he about the leader of LFI on the set of “Four Truths”, on France 2 after his election.