There were people on Friday, May 27, in boxes, on the Philippe-Chatrier court, at Roland-Garros. Beautiful people, even. Passing through Paris for the Champions League final, Zinédine Zidane was there, accompanied by his wife, Véronique, and his image consultant, Jacques Bungert, former boss of the Courrèges brand. To their right, actor Owen Wilson, hero of many Wes Anderson films. The opportunity to see that the two stars, both amateur tennis players, also share a taste for low-end hats.


To all lord, all honor, let’s start this inventory with Zinédine Zidane. The latter had raised the hood of his hoodie, in an astonishing stylistic approach. Did the former Real Madrid manager want to protect himself from sunburn? Was he trying to go unnoticed? Or was he trying to show off his sweater, to demonstrate the incredible progress made by this proletarian piece originally designed to keep handlers and pruners warm, and now accepted in the boxes of Roland-Garros? The last proposition is obviously not the right one.

Like a truck

On his head, Owen Wilson had made a slightly more expected choice, but only slightly more elegant. The actor wore a trucker cap today, consisting of a foam front and a mesh back. Typically American, skilfully recycled at regular intervals by the most vulgar fashion brands, the trucker was long used by gas station attendants as an advertising medium and offered to passing truckers for refueling. Hence its name.

child of the ball

Let’s continue this stylistic wandering with the man to the right of the actor. He also wears a cap, but his is a baseball model, recognizable by its construction in six fabric panels, its curved visor as well as the button, not visible here, located on the top of the cap. Appeared in the middle of the 19th century in the United States, this model was worn by the Brooklyn Excelsiors baseball team. For several decades, these caps were referred to as the “Brooklyn cap”.

Hats off

Since we are talking about headgear, how can we not notice the presence, higher up in the gallery, of a colony of spectators accessorized with a large white hat? Like many others before them, these guest spectators wear panama hats offered by brands wishing to provide their guests with a luxury tennis experience. At the risk of upsetting the mood, let’s remember that these poorly made models have little to do with the real panama, woven in Ecuador by hand with vegetable fibers, and that they can even give a ridiculous look. .