Seized by the Directorate General for Health and faced with the resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic, the High Authority for Health (HAS) recommends extending the administration of a second booster dose of vaccine against Covid-19. 19 for pregnant women and people under 60 with comorbidities.

“In a context of epidemic resumption characterized in particular by the circulation of the BA.5 sub-lineage of Omicron”, the HAS “recommends extending the administration of an additional booster dose (2nd booster or 4th highest dose often) to adults under the age of 60 identified as being at risk of a severe form of Covid-19, to pregnant women from the 1st trimester of pregnancy and to people living in the entourage or in regular contact with immunocompromised or vulnerable people ” , she wrote in a press release.

This opinion, published in response to a referral from the Directorate General for Health, takes into account “the latest available data, and in particular French epidemiological data, data concerning current vaccination coverage of the most vulnerable populations and efficacy data vaccines on the variants in circulation”, specifies the HAS.

Details on deadlines

An additional booster dose is already recommended for people aged 60 and over, immunocompromised people regardless of their age, as well as high-risk children and adolescents, recalls the HAS.

It also specifies the time limits to be observed between two booster doses: three months for people aged 80 and over, residents in nursing homes or long-term care units and immunocompromised people, six months for others. Finally, for all, “if an infection with SARS-CoV-2 has occurred after the last dose, an additional booster dose remains recommended, respecting a minimum period of three months after infection”.

Faced with the rise in cases on the continent, the World Health Organization in Europe had already recommended on Tuesday a second booster dose of vaccine against Covid-19 for vulnerable people.

In France, the president of the scientific council, Jean-Fran├žois Delfraissy, predicted on Monday the peak of the seventh wave for the “next week” in Ile-de-France.