A regular vote congressional gold medal legislation does not frequently attract much attention in the general news websites, but actions taken March 17 at the House of Representatives attracted widespread news focus following a few of members of Congress decided not to vote for the law.

The law attempts three separate congressional gold awards for U.S. Capitol Police and other security forces which secure the centre and members of Congress throughout the Jan. 6 attack by protesters. The measure passed the House March 17, but not with no staunch objections of some few of Republicans who cast”No” votes due to the bill’s language.

Voting yes were 219 Democrats and 194 Republicans, implying that general, the step had strong bipartisan support from many members of the home.

The vote H.R. 1085 received widespread news coverage in general circulation publications and other information outlets.

The GOP legislators who didn’t vote for the step objected to bill speech that called the protesters, most of these supporters of former President Trump, as”insurrectionists.”

Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland issued an announcement following the roll call votereferring to H.R. 1085 as a”politically charged advertising stunt”

Federal prosecutors have filed several felony charges against more than 400 protesters that stormed the Capitol and violated the safety of their facility.

The 3 golden awards hunted under H.R. 1085 are along with two individual awards suggested under two different bills that could acknowledge Capitol Police officers Eugene Goodman (H.R. 305), also Brian Sicknick (H.R. 622).

Goodman led protesters from congressional chambers.

Sicknick died from injuries he sustained throughout the Capitol attack.

➤ One gold trophy to be awarded to the United States Capitol Police, so the decoration could be exhibited at the headquarters of the United States Capitol Police and made accessible for study, as appropriate.
➤ One golden trophy to be awarded to the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, so the decoration could be exhibited at the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Department and made accessible for study, as appropriate.
➤ One gold trophy to be awarded to the Smithsonian Institution, in which it could be accessible for display as available and appropriate for study. The Smithsonian Institution will be told to show the trophy with a plaque listing another law enforcement agencies that engaged in shielding the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.