Larry Miller’s Numismatic Guaranty Corp. 1794 Flowing Hair dollar graded Mint State 62 recognized $1,050,000 from the Dec. 17 Stack’s Bowers Galleries market, but much more visually remarkable was that followeda 1795 Flowing Hair dollar rated MS-65 by Professional Coin Grading Service (within a elderly, green-label holder) using a green Accredited Acceptance Corp. decal that sold for $576,000.

Listed as Bowers-Borckardt 14 within their reference to ancient bucks, it’s the finest-known of both Leaves variety.

Stack’s Bowers writes,”its own mixture of exceptional striking quality and outstanding surface preservation instantly evoke ideas of a coin which has been put apart shortly after striking, possibly by a young visitor to the United States Mint.”

Section of its visual appeal in comparison with the 1794 dollar which preceded it could result from fluctuations in the Mint’s technologies, especially the inclusion of a brand new press for striking bigger payouts, which allowed for more powerful strikes, together with the initial group of 1795 bucks struck on the press in May of this year. This allowed for its more powerful design details.