Classical Numismatic Group provided in its May market a bronze Provincial coin struck at Caesarea Maritima, a mint in Judaea under Agrippa I, together with Herod of Chalcis and Claudius, involving A.D. 43 and 44.

The coin comes with a intricate pictorial narrative. The reverse displays text speaking to some vow and treaty of alliance and friendship between the Great King Agrippa and Augustus Caesar, both the Senate and the People of Rome with clasped right hands at the Middle.

Graded Very Fine with some small roughness along with a scrape on the opposite, the legends — although imperfect — tend to be more visible than normal.

CNG adds,”This impressive and rare problem not just explicitly indicates the alliance over the opposite, even with Agrippa’s new name”Great King,” but depicts the oath taking ceremony which happened in the Roman Forum and is discussed in historic resources.”