False jubilation

Celebration ? Not that much. At the end of last week, Princess Anne and her brother Prince Charles wrestled with the endless celebrations of the seventy years of reign of their dear mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Military parades, ceremonial ceremonies, grandiloquent concerts… On Sunday, at the end of this indigestible four-day marathon, Charles looked like someone who is delighted to finally be able to turn the page while his sister preferred to hide behind funny glasses.

Princely view

Despite an (obviously) cloudy London sky, the princess wore Adidas brand sunglasses that day. Amazing? Stylistically, without a shadow of a doubt. From a technical point of view, however, everything seemed perfectly coherent. These glasses equipped with a curved lens in one piece have the immense advantage of offering total peripheral vision. As such, they are recommended for the practice of a sport as intense as the royal festivities.

Seal in front

Prince Charles had opted for a little more sobriety than his sister, but had not omitted to put on his signet ring on the little finger of his left hand. If the tradition foresees, in France, that the eldest men of their family wear the signet ring on the ring finger of the left hand, it wants in England that it be worn on the little finger. It is considered, historically, on the other side of the Channel, that it is easier to seal a document with your signet ring when it is located on that finger.

Well directed

On his wrist, the prince wore a spectacular watch. Owner of a Calatrava Disco-Volante from Patek Philippe, a Breguet received for his 60th birthday or a gold Reverso from Jaeger-LeCoultre, he had opted for a model from the most confidential Swiss house, Parmigiani Fleurier. . This 39 mm gold chronograph is distinguished by its date window, surprisingly located between 1 and 2 o’clock. Important information for Prince Charles, in search of spatio-temporal landmarks after all these social events.

Square cut

How can we end without pointing out the two historical motifs involved here? Prince Charles wears pinstripes, which appeared in 19th century London to distinguish employees of the various banks in the city. Beside her, Anne displays the “window pane” motif, so named because of its shape and traditionally used to dress up hunting clothes… Festive outfits? No. You were warned.