This trophy thanks an important employee or a special someone who made a difference throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. All net profits from Recognition medal earnings have been donated, and they are still accessible at to provide as a token of admiration through those tough times.

“Thanks to these, we could contribute $600,000 to Breakfast Club of Canada’s efforts to fight food insecurity.”

When numerous Canadians have been unable to hug or say”thank you” in person during the previous 13 weeks, the Recognition decoration turned into a real way for individuals to share their admiration, while raising money for a company fighting childhood hunger.

The nickel-plated steel decoration is sold using a magnet, so the decoration may be worn out, both sides outside.

On both sides, pine foliage and heart icon signifies the collective soul of Canadians. The center represents the country’s joyful soul. A intricate collection of micro-mirrors covering the center makes a pulsating light impact which arouses Canada’s strong pulse.

On the opposing side, a maple foliage and statistics signify Canadians banding together to assist those in need. The center at the center represents Canadians coming together in admiration for essential employees.


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