Coins struck planchets meant for one more denomination are very popular with collectors since the error type does not want a whole lot of excuse for non-collectors to love it.

Heritage introduced an internet auction of coins on Dec. 15 that attained $168,533, with”off-metal” coins being among those highlights.

A Proof 1969-S Lincoln cent struck a copper-nickel clad planchet meant to get a dime is absolutely centered.

One sees , possibly, this might have made it into a five-coin 1969-S Proof set at the penny slot, even although the Proof 63 tier from Professional Coin Grading Service indicates a little bit of handling. The coin attained $5,520. Errors on Proof coins are particularly uncommon since in 1969, Proof bits were only available within yearly Proof sets, which had stringent quality controls.


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