The showdown between the presidential majority and the opposition is likely to last. The national secretary of the French Communist Party (PCF), Fabien Roussel, and the deputy of the National Rally (RN) Jean-Philippe Tanguy denounced, Tuesday, July 19, the refusal of the government to accept for the time being the amendments of the oppositions, yet he had promised compromises on the purchasing power “package”.

“The government has not accepted any amendments from all oppositions, so you can imagine the anger that can grip us. We want to move forward, we want to dialogue. Agree to the compromise, agree to find solutions, but yesterday [Monday], nothing, we had no amendment, “lamented Fabien Roussel on France 2.

“The French people need to know: the Prime Minister made a speech quoting the word ‘compromis’ all over the place, today there is nothing, no amendment accepted by the government, and we regret that,” the Northern MP added.

“Myself, I advocated what’s called a fallback amendment, at least that those bonuses could contribute to retirement, Social Security, but denial, denial, denial, denial,” he lamented. , without specifying the position on the vote of the law of the Communists, which must be decided Tuesday morning during a meeting of the Democratic and Republican Left group (GDR).

” Common sense “

After four and a half hours of exchanges in the afternoon, then in the night, the deputies did not come to the end of article 1 of the first bill, which provides for the continuation of the “Macron bonus” , exceptional tax-free and desocialized bonus for employees.

“The government, for the moment, yesterday, did not accept any amendment from any opposition force, including the most moderate forces, even the centrists, they do not even accept amendments from people who have them. yet supported in the presidential election, “criticized on RFI the deputy of the National Rally Jean-Philippe Tanguy.

“For example, yesterday we talked for a while about an amendment so that the Macron bonus would be a little overvalued in the overseas territories, according to the real cost of living, in each of the territories. Even such an obvious, common-sense amendment that was proposed by the socialists, they wouldn’t support it. We voted for it because it was a good idea, ”argued the deputy from the Somme.

“If the measures are good, we will vote for them. If we can improve the measures, we will do everything to improve them, “said the former deputy director of Marine Le Pen’s presidential campaign.