How to Get iOS 18 Now

You have the opportunity to experience the latest iOS 18 features, such as AI-powered Siri and a customizable home screen, before the general public release later this year. By downloading the iOS 18 developer beta, you can get a sneak peek at all the new updates and improvements. However, there are some things to consider before making the decision to download the beta version.

While the iOS 18 developer beta is available for free to those enrolled in the Apple Developer program, it is important to remember that this version is primarily intended for developers to test their apps and report any bugs to Apple. Running a beta version on your device may lead to instability, app crashes, and other performance issues. If you are willing to take on these potential risks, then you can follow the steps outlined below to download the iOS 18 developer beta.

Before downloading the beta, make sure you have a supported iPhone model and have updated your device to the latest iOS version. It is also advisable to back up your phone in case you need to revert to a previous iOS version. Once you are ready, you can enroll in the Apple Developer program for free and gain access to the iOS 18 developer beta.

To install the iOS 18 developer beta over-the-air on your iPhone, go to Settings, General, and Software Update. From there, you can select the iOS 18 Developer Beta option and download the update. Alternatively, you can use your Mac to update to the iOS 18 developer beta by downloading the software restore image for your iPhone model from the Apple Developer website.

By following these steps, you can be among the first to experience the new features of iOS 18 before its official release. Just remember to proceed with caution and be prepared for any potential bugs or issues that may arise.

For more information on iOS 18 and other announcements from WWDC, visit the Apple website.