Though the seven-coin 2021-S Silver Proof set heading on sale April 22 will comprise three fewer .999 good silver quarter dollars compared to 2020-S set, the 2021 cost is remaining exactly the same as in 2020, at $105.

The U.S. Mint’s choice to keep up the pricing status quo doesn’t sit well with collectors and Coin World readers who’ve voiced their displeasure to the novel via phone and email.

Mint officials were asked for the rationale supporting the seven-coin 2021-S put being priced exactly the same as the 10-coin 2020-S group, also U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White supplied the following:”The Mint frequently reviews the costs of its whole numismatic portfolio and corrects costs as required to pay costs and to continue to present numismatic goods of the maximum quality.”

Coins in base metals would be the Lincoln cent, Jefferson 5-cent coin along with Native American buck. All coins from the group are struck by a Proof finish in the San Francisco Mint.

The 10-coin 2019-S Silver Proof collection has been provided from the U.S. Mint at $63.25. Bureau officials made the decision to increase the prices on 15 numismatic products including silver coins, for example, Silver Proof set, effective Oct. 13, 2020.

No item or household order limitation is set up for your own 2021-S Silver Proof set.


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