Olivier Véran did not seem in danger in this constituency, where the President of the Republic won nearly 80% of the votes in the second round of the presidential election of 2022. The scores on the evening of the first round of the legislative elections confirm this: the Minister Delegate in charge relations with Parliament came out on top in the 1st constituency of Isère, where he gathered 40.5% of the votes under the colors of the presidential majority. He will face the candidate of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes), Salomé Robin (36.86%), in the second round on June 19.

The former Minister of Health (2020-2022) of the Castex government has become one of the familiar faces of the daily press conferences devoted to the evolution of the human toll of the Covid-19 epidemic over many months. confinements, deconfinements and reconfinements. He pleaded for widely vaccinating the population and for the establishment of the health pass, the latter having, according to him, proven its effectiveness against the epidemic which, despite everything, caused the death of 148,749 people carrying the disease. SARS-CoV-2, according to Public Health France, as of June 10.

Pedagogue, despite a submachine gun flow, Olivier Véran is known to be a good communicator. Found “serious” and “effective” by Emmanuel Macron, he had to manage the health crisis, the health system on the verge of implosion and weakened hospital staff.

A highly publicized amendment

It is to François Hollande’s former research minister, Geneviève Fioraso, that the Grenoble native, son of a teacher and an engineer, owes his political career. The deputy of Isère offers him to become his deputy for the legislative elections of 2012 after having met the young doctor, then spokesperson for the national inter-union of hospital interns, while visiting his neurology department at the Grenoble University Hospital. He accepts immediately. In the wake of the election of François Hollande, Geneviève Fioraso enters the government, and he becomes a deputy. Mr. Véran is making a name for himself by pushing a highly publicized amendment, which will be adopted, to prohibit the activity of modeling for people who are too thin.

Elected under the label La République en Marche in the constituency of Geneviève Fioraso, who passed the torch to him, in 2017, he voted for the creation of a flexible tax on sugary soft drinks, defended experimentation with therapeutic cannabis and pass a provision allowing hospital emergencies to be paid when they refer non-emergency patients to city medicine. An experiment which irritated a number of liberal doctors but which did not prevent him from being appointed Minister of Health, on February 16, 2020. Olivier Véran then gave way to his substitute, Camille Galliard-Minier, to whom he now hopes succeed again.

If he wants to remain a minister in the Borne government, Mr. Véran will have to win on Sunday, June 19, because, as in 2017, members of the government who are candidates for deputy will have to resign in the event of failure.