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Most humans around the world have shifted their center of attention to cryptocurrency. The principal factor that attracts them is the monetary possibilities presented to investors.

Anyone involved in getting into the crypto market needs to know that the exchange they choose plays a significant role in their success.

So, it will be reckless to use a mediocre app that can’t give you the necessary buying and selling elements you want to excel in the cryptocurrency field.

Besides mediocre platforms, scammers and fraudulent businesses are there. Such service providers are a severe risk to investors. So, it is better to carry out a thorough investigation to make sure you pick a legit exchange service.

Cryptology is amongst the dependable exchanges you can find. It is famous amongst investors, thanks to its reliable services. The platform is a crypto exchange and buying and selling service. Besides that, clients can get passive earnings from the digital property through the earn tool.

The agency that runs the buying and selling platform is in Seychelles. However, people from several locations around the globe can get the right of entry to it besides Japan and the US.

This evaluation will talk about the pleasant exchange in detail.

The dependable cryptocurrency exchange

Customers can get admission to the trading website through a laptop browser or cellular device.

Both systems have an undemanding interface. In addition, the mobile app is for both iOS and Android devices.

Traders can access the platform using up to twelve languages. Below is a list:

  • Bulgarian.
  • Russian.
  • English.
  • French.
  • Spanish.
  • Korean.
  • Chinese.
  • German.
  • Hindi.
  • Polish.
  • Portuguese.

The registered cryptocurrency exchange membership

The website entails an easy registration activity. New clients sign up by filling a form. The details they supply include:

  • Country.
  • Email address.
  • Password.

After supplying the registration details, the KYC procedure takes place. There are two verification steps.

  • The first step wishes people to meet the principal KYC expectations. They encompass submitting their details, their name, identification proof, and photos with ID.

Completing the above step approves you to pay at most ten thousand dollars.

The 2nd step is for clients that choose to prolong their limit.

  • The 2nd step entails submitting residence proof, name, address, and the issuer. The residential proof should be the authorities’ document, financial institution statement, or utility bill.

Anyone that accomplished the above steps can get the right of entry to the buying and selling website services.

The helpful features of the free cryptocurrency exchange app

The trading company offers the following:

Purchase cryptocurrency

The website approves traders to buy or promote cryptocurrency against RUB, EUR, or USD. In addition, the website has the following:

  • BTC.
  • ETH.
  • LTC.
  • USDT.
  • XLM.
  • XRP.
  1. ZEC.

The operators might add different currencies. Users can additionally convert Bitcoin to USDT and vice versa. The change gets achieved with solely one click.

  1. The exchange

The https://cryptology.com/ platform has a range of buying and selling pairs. In addition, the website has a customizable design.

There are market charts and analytical features. For example, you can exchange cryptos against fiat and stable coins by placing limits, market orders, and stop-limit.

The list below shows the available pairs.

  • Cryptocurrency futures

The website lets verified members place perpetual trades on the futures market. The leverage is as high as 100x.

Customers may additionally pick out cross-margin and isolated places. In addition, the trades get safety from mitigation equipment which decreases default amid excessive volatility risk.

The platform has an insurance plan fund and auto-deleveraging equipment to protect stakeholders’ desires.

  1. Earn

The rare characteristic on the platform is Earn. The characteristic lets clients gain passive earnings streams while maintaining their cryptocurrency assets. For example, you can credit EURS, DAI, USDT, USDC, and BTC holds and get up to 15% of each year’s returns.

The quantity customers get is greater than the amount given with the aid of banks globally. The Earn feature is flexible in phrases of lock-in periods for customers. You can decide to lock your repayments for thirty, sixty, or ninety days. You can additionally retrieve money when the duration expires.

All through the lock-in period, your profits will get added per day.

Few entry restrictions and manageable charges at the best exchange to sell cryptocurrency

The exchange platform is for any trader. Once you create your account, you may begin using its features, no matter your preceding buying and selling activities.

The website allows performance via having low minimum size orders of 0.10 dollars. The low price allows new clients to place low-risk trades without worries.

Also, the buying and selling costs and commissions are low. The low quantities are beneficial to users. Currently, there is a 0.002 maker and taker cost. The business enterprise does not charge for overnight or rollover on open futures orders.

Clients may, however, pay a nominal savings and withdrawal cost on fiat and cryptocurrency transactions in and out of the website.

Cryptocurrency currency exchange payment options 

The entity requires clients to credit cash in their money accounts if they want to trade. You can operate that with crypto or fiat. Below are the selections for making payment:

  • MasterCard.
  • Visa.
  • Deposit Express.
  • Boleto.
  • Wire transfer.
  • Cryptos such as TRC20, ERC20, and USDT.

When it comes to withdrawing funds, customers can use any reachable crypto aside from BCH. Also, they can use the wire transfer method.

The exchange features several wire transfer options. Among them is SEPA. The wire transfer choice gets constrained to verified customers.

Wire transfer deposits have no more charges. However, withdrawals are subject to a fee.

Users cannot withdraw using debit or credit cards. The alternatives are solely for making deposits.

Safety measures and client support at best rated cryptocurrency exchange

The buying and selling organization has customers’ desires at heart. Therefore, there is a perfect aid system. Anyone that has a query or faces a challenge receives help within no time.

The platform has two strategies for reaching the assistance team. One is via email, and the second one is through a ticket. The latter requires you to click on the aid image on the top section of the screen.

Besides contacting a guiding agent, clients can take a look at the FAQ section. Most of the questions are there. So, you can get a reply without contacting the help team.


The buying and selling organization employs extraordinary cybersecurity measures. Among them are SSL for the internet site and two-factor authentication for having access to accounts.


The platform is one of the handiest and exceptionally operational buying and selling venues globally. Any elements that users want are available. The site layout is elementary and straightforward. The platform has low minimal orders of 0.10 dollars, several transaction methods, and the Earn choice generates passive earnings. All the accessible elements make the site best for each skilled and new cryptocurrency user.


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