This is the story of a “pshiiit”. With a sound so immediately recognizable that it has hardly been heard, the need to salivate and the urge to drink are felt. An onomatopoeic sound synonymous with relief. And it’s the story of this summery sound that “Bru(i)t” makes us hear, one of the latest Brut podcasts. And, let’s face it, particularly successful. Firstly because the episodes are well written, by David Commeillas, director in particular of “Beatmakers” (with Samuel Hirsch, on Arte Radio), and Christophe Payet.

Because, in the space of just a few minutes, they remind us or teach us a multitude of things. Because they make us smile and even laugh (boomers will enjoy the episode over modem sound or near-delayed-speed Internet). Because they take us back to childhood or make us dream (the episode on the song of whales, even if, in this case, the sounds collected or created by Aline Pénitot in her series Oublier Moby Dick on France Culture are quite unsurpassable ).

Because they are carried by the warm and round voice of Romain Delahaye, composer of electronic music, alias Molécule, known in particular for having equipped the LinkedOut sailboat, skippered by Thomas Ruyant, with sensors and cameras during the last edition of the Vendée. Globe, in 2020, with a view to a film and a record.

“Instructive and light”

This time, it is not sounded by the infernal noise aboard an Imoca, but by the jet lag – he is returning from Jamaica, where he is working on the recording of his new album –, that Romain Delahaye explains to us to have was immediately seduced by the “both informative and light” side of the podcast. After validating the different themes (40 sounds in total, broadcast twice a week since the end of June), he lent his voice, recorded in the Paradiso studio, which produces the podcast.

Pedagogical-ludic, each episode plunges us into a sound atmosphere. Consider the Star Wars lightsaber, arguably the most iconic sound in all of movie history. It was in 1977 that we can hear it for the first time. From the brain of the film’s sound designer, Ben Burtt, this sound is trademarked: To make the Jedi weapon a toy, two licenses are required, the “lightsaber” name and its signature sound. .

But beyond the instructive and entertaining side, the podcast makes it possible to become aware of the powers of sounds, how they can influence the state in which we are and what they can cause – thus, by way of example, Romain Delahaye reminds that it is almost impossible to stay more than a quarter of an hour in an anechoic chamber (that is to say without echo).

While waiting to try the experience, this summer you can, without getting out of your deck chair, listen to the sound of a can, that of a whale or even silence. Even if, for this, it is strongly recommended to go to “Silence podcast”, imagined by Aurélien Frances, who confided to us: “Faced with noise pollution, I see silence as a very pacifist form of resistance. “Wonderful program for this summer, right?