If we devote a little time to contemplating nature, we realize very quickly that it is imbued with magic. This is especially true for the flowers and pollinators that gravitate around them. The words of the writer Iris Murdoch (1919-1999) say it very well: “The inhabitants of a planet without flowers would think that we must be overjoyed to have such beauties at all times. »

The splendor and uniqueness of the flowers means that they could well come, indeed, from another world. And the bouquets deserve that we wonder about the place where we will place them. Installing them in unexpected places can reinforce this feeling of strangeness and provide even more joy. The angle from which you observe them also plays an important role: looking at them from above and contemplating them at eye level will not produce the same impression at all. Breaking out of established patterns can allow us to better see and remind ourselves (if that is necessary) that we should be overjoyed by the grace of nature.