Visitors into the M.S. Rau Fine Art, Antiques and Jewels gallery at New Orleans will have the Chance to view a particular screen. A counterstamped 1854-O Coronet quarter ninja recovered as underwater treasure has come home to The Big Easy for people to see.

“This historical coin is a 1854 Liberty Head quarter eagle struck in the New Orleans Mint and has been afterwards counterstamped by California retailer J.L. Polhemus.

“It’s is the only golden coin of the denomination called the advertisements counterstamp indicate of Polhemus, a Gold Rush-era Creator in Sacramento, California. He made so-called shop cards with several different coins in circulation at the moment. When this specific gold coin was created in 1854, its own face value was $2.50. Nowadays, it’s a New Orleans treasure and guaranteed for $65,000 for the very first trip home in more than a century and a half,” Smith explained.

Scientist Bob Evans, who had been on the prosperous SS Central America recovery assignments, stated the counterstamped 1854-O Coronet quarter he found while analyzing treasure recovered in 2014, is among his favourite coins.

“That coin has been created in New Orleans in a time when the New Orleans Mint might have been utilizing California gold to mint coins. Gold Rush gold obtained around back then! But then this coin made its way all the way to Sacramento, in which a shopkeeper forged his title on it. And then, finally it made it on to the S.S. Central America, then, somehowwe brought up it 150 decades after, a few hundred kilometers from North Carolina. That is only a fantastic story! A good illustration of a fantastic, full-circle travel,” Evans said.

Even the SS Central America was a 280-foot-long, three-masted side-wheel steamship carrying tons of California gold as it sank on Sept. 12, 1857, at a storm throughout the freight’s final leg of this voyage in Aspinwall (currently Col√≥n), Panama into New York City. The tragedy took the lives of 420 of their boat’s 578 passengers and crew members, and also the reduction of the gold freight was a significant element from the economically catastrophic financial panic of 1857 from america.