If you are a player, then you understand the desire to play in an online casino that uses your crypto currency as real money. There is no better pleasure than playing with real money. Players who have used bitcoin poker in casino know everything about it and they can compare any other casino in the world with only one – Blockchain casino. Everything here is perfect, it is the only online casino that works with crypto currency.

Some players who are too busy to spend time on transferring money from one account to another, calling banks and waiting for an operator or solving technical issues, they prefer Bitcoin Poker because everything here works automatically and quickly. If you want the best service ever then join Blockchain casino today!

How does Blockchain Casino work?

The first thing you need to do is to make an account on the bitcoin poker or bitcoin casino website – it will take 5 minutes. Once your account is created, deposit your crypto currency into it and start playing! The best part of Blockchain casino is that all transactions are automatic even if they are made with different types of crypto currency. No need to ask for technical support! Even if you make a bet with altcoin, it is automatically converted into Bitcoin, and you play with real money in your pocket right now!

For example, if you deposit Dogecoin into your account it will be instantly converted into Bitcoin and stored in your balance. You can then use it to play with one of the games or just withdraw and get back your dollars into a bank account. The whole process takes 5 minutes, you don’t have to wait for hours until the support staff resolves your issue.

The game is very simple – choose a game from a large variety of slots, table games, video poker or roulette. If you are busy or traveling a lot then use the latest mobile app that is available in Google Play and App Store. It has everything you need to have an enjoyable time playing on Bitcoin poker casino!


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