IBM Plans to Utilize Blockchain for Marijuana Distribution in Canada

Canada is preparing for a country-wide legalization of marijuana next year and the provinces are scrambling for ideas on how to shift all of that herb. According to local press reports, there are plans to make non-medical cannabis legal by July 2018. Enter tech giant IBM who proposed using the blockchain to facilitate the Mary Jo […]

We Need ‘Clear Chain Preference’ From Industry

Wilma Woo · November 7, 2017 · 10:45 am <!– Excerpt Major Bitcoin and altcoin exchange Bittrex has released a key statement on its treatment of the SegWit2x hard fork. Bittrex: Bitcoin is BTC Until ‘Clear Chain Preference’ In explanatory comments today, Bittrex announced it would adopt a more conservative approach and refer to the […]

Fork Watch: The Chain With Less Hashrate Could Come to a Screeching Halt

Op-Ed Over the next two weeks, bitcoin proponents from both sides of the scaling debate will be preparing for a possible hard fork. A lot of people believe the Segwit2x fork will be entirely different than August’s bitcoin cash fork, and for good reason. Also read: Satoshi Revolution – Chapter 2: Technology Meets Anarchy. Both Profit […]

Price of Success? Bitcoin Faces New Pressure in a Multi-Coin World

“Blockchains are about increasing freedom for individuals and allowing them the flexibility to leave on principle at any point in time.” If day one of Scaling Bitcoin showed how bitcoin’s technical and academic communities are moving swiftly to capitalize on the network’s newly updated code capabilities, day two offered a glimpse of a project emerging, […]

Bitcoin Tops British Milestone – NEWSBTC

Bitcoin enthusiasts of Great Britain will have today been pleased to witness the most popular cryptocurrency speed past the exciting but largely trivial milestone of £5,000 – albeit briefly. Coinmarketcap, one of the industry’s favoured price referencing websites, recorded an all-time high for BTC of $6,645.40 earlier on Wednesday. According to currency conversion website, […]

The Large Numbers Effect: Cryptofunds Are Spreading · November 4, 2017 · 1:30 pm <!– Excerpt People have already made fortunes from crypto fever and cryptofunds, and many more will make money as well. But not everyone. The Cryptofund Lifeline Like any rapidly developing market, the cryptocurrency industry provides opportunities, but there are only a few who can really use them. […]

PR: Centra Releases Centra Wallet v2.0 and Announces Upcoming Developments

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. Miami, Florida: Centra Tech, Inc., the developers behind one of […]

Ethereum Name Service Starts Offering .ETH Domain Names

A crypto-based domain name auction service launched earlier this year is finally gaining traction and attracting some big investors willing to pay top dollar for domain names. The Ethereum Name Service was launched on May 4, 2017; it featured an automatic registrar service enabling people to quickly and cheaply register a domain name ending in […]

Why VPNs are Important and How Privatix Looks to Revolutionize the Industry

Jeff Francis · November 2, 2017 · 6:45 pm <!– Excerpt VPNs have become increasingly important in providing encrypted data transfers, and Privatix is looking to fundamentally change the industry with a blockchain-based VPN network allowing people to buy and sell bandwidth. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] Protecting Yourself in a Digital World We […]