Belarus is analyzing the cryptocurrency sector for a possible move into mining electronic coins such as Bitcoin (BTC).

Minister Viktor Karankevich explained that the crypto mining market is rapidly growing all around the world in nations such as China, the USA, Canada and Russia.

The Union went on to state the government is considering tapping into the mining sector after an evaluation of the potential dangers and other variables:

“That is a brand new direction for us today. It’s intriguing but so as to begin with this, we must perform a thorough study of the problem, such as an assessment of potential dangers connected with this sort of activity. We are on this”
The Belarusian government was investigating the issue of crypto mining for a little while. In April 2019, President Alexander Lukashenko allegedly suggested to deploy extra energy in the nation’s first nuclear power plant into mine cryptocurrencies and then sell them.

Belarus has been attempting to position itself as a cryptocurrency-friendly nation in the past several decades. In 2019, Belarusbank, the biggest bank in Belarus, claimed it had been considering establishing a crypto market .